“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan during numerous funeral services.  I have always found Susan’s music to be of the highest caliber.  Her selections provide much needed comfort for the families she serves.  Susan’s leadership and strong sense of faith come shining through in her performances, assuring the families that their loved ones will receive a very fitting tribute to their life.  I highly recommend Susan.”

Douglas A. Fiery

Douglas A. Fiery Funeral Home, Hagerstown, MD

“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Burkey for 13 years, specifically in the capacity of funeral and wedding ministry.  Her voice was made for this exact purpose, as it is very pleasant and soothing.  More importantly she has the experience, and true caring spirit, of being able to make musical selections that can comfort a grieving family or celebrate a wedding couple’s special day.  With many churches working with reduced staffing, Susan is a fast and reliable source to make any church service a unique and meaningful experience.”

Pete Hommel

Music Director, Post Chapel

West Point Military Academy, NY

“It has been my pleasure to work with Susan Burkey, as her accompanist and her delightful voice does not disappoint.  She is easy to work with and has the voice of an angel.  She aims to offer her musical selections as a comfort and joy to all those that choose to listen.  Her voice quality is beautiful and filled with great expression and beauty.”

David Loy

Music Director

Former Music Faculty-Hagerstown Community College and Carroll Community College

“As organist/choir director at St. Ann Catholic Church in Hagerstown, I have had the opportunity to work with Susan on many occasions in her capacity as both cantor and soloist.  She has a beautiful voice and displays a completely professional approach to her singing and involvement with every service.  I unhesitatingly recommend her as a sensitive singer and dedicated musician.”

Dr. William Bland

Music Director, St Ann Catholic Church

I have been enjoying the songs of Susan Burkey for nearly three decades.  I have attended weddings, funerals, and a variety of occasions where her music has been the defining factor. 

Her songs have made the moment “momentous.”  Susan’s lyrics soothe the soul while her melodies lift the spirit.  I pray others will discover her unique gift of bringing peace and joy to the hearts of those who rejoice or weep as life dictates.  I hope you will allow her to move YOU in the same way she has ministered to so many others.  To God be the glory!

Susan McGinley

Hagerstown, MD

 When my father died a couple of years ago, Sue's music was a major highlight of the funeral service and remains as a comforting memory of dad's celebratory mass.  Her voice is beautiful and her spirit and presence brought closure and peace to our whole family.  Sue helped to preserve this memory beautifully for decades to come.

Steve Costello
Hagerstown, MD